Selected papers


Authors of selected papers must use the ID of their paper when submitting the camera-ready version of their paper. Paper ID is not the EasyChair ID. Paper ID is the ID given in the list below that follows the pattern: <Workshop Acronym>-<two digit paper no>, e.g. PDCO-07.

The camera ready version of the paper is due by March 22, 2016.

Instructions for submitting the camera ready version are at

 Please ensure that the papers are submitted using the IPDPSW instructions (rather than the IPDPS instructions).

 List of accepted papers:

PDCO-01 A Parallel Approximation Algorithm for Scheduling Parallel Identical Machines.
Laleh Ghalami and Daniel Grosu.

PDCO-02 Communication aware task placement for workflow scheduling on DaaS-based Cloud.
Hadrien Croubois and Eddy Caron.

PDCO-03 Dynamic Mapping of Application Workflow in Heterogeneous Computing Environment.
Muhammad Qasim, Touseef Iqbal Bhatti, Ehsan Munir, Nikos Tziritas, Samee U. Khan and Laurence T.Yang.

PDCO-04 Load-Aware Strategies for Cloud-based VoIP Optimization with VM Startup Prediction
Jorge M. Cortés-Mendoza, Andrei Tchernykh, Alexander Feoktistov, Igor Bychkov, Pascal Bouvry and Loic Didelot.

PDCO-05. Multiobjective Vehicle-type Scheduling in Urban Public Transport
David Peña, Andrei Tchernykh, Sergio Nesmachnow, Renzo Massobrio, Alexander Feoktistov and Igor Bychkov

PDCO-06 A new co-evolutionary algorithm based on constraint decomposition
Emmanuel Kieffer, Gregoire Danoy, Pascal Bouvry and Anass Nagih.

PDCO-07 Training Many Neural Networks in Parallel via Back-Propagation
Javier Cruz-Lopez, Vincent Boyer and Didier El Baz.

PDCO-08 Design of Metaheuristic based on Machine Learning: a unified approach. Application on image denoising
Amir Nakib, Mohamed Hilia, Frederic Heliodore and El Ghazali Talbi.

PDCO-09 Optimizing One-Sided Communication of Parallel Applications using Critical Path Methods
Christian Herold, Olaf Krzikalla and Andreas Knüpfer.

PDCO-10 An Efficient CPP Solution for Resilience-oriented SDN Controller Deployment
He Li, Robson Eduardo De Grande and Azzedine Boukerche.

PDCO-11 Shared Memory Parallel Subgraph Enumeration
Raphael Kimmig, Henning Meyerhenke and Darren Strash.

PDCO-12 Exploration of de Bruijn graph filtering for de novo assembly using GraphLab
Julien Collet, Tanguy Sassolas, Yves Lhuillier, Renaud Sirdey and Jacques Carlier.

PDCO-13 Optimal Bandwidth Selection for Kernel Regression Using a Fast Grid Search and a GPU
Christopher Rohlfs and Mohamed Zahran.

PDCO-14 Space-efficient Pointwise Computation of the Distance Transform on GPUs
Numair Khan and Mohamed Zahran.









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